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Patio Cleaning

Removing mold and algae is a great service not only to prevent a slip and fall but also for breathing and enjoying your pool area for the summer and all year. Low pressure cleaning of the screen enclosure is also recommended to prevent organic growth every year. Many patios have sealer on them which is why using professional equipment is recommended to make sure high pressure is not removing sealer. Cleaning with a soft wash, medium pressure and high water flow gets the job done. Professional equipment not only does a better job but also keeps materials from being eroded by high pressure.


Screen Enclosures

Soft Washing correctly removes mold and algae without damaging the surface of the screen enclosure and patio ceilings. 


Wood Decks

Cleaning Wood Decks correctly removes organic growth without bleaching or furring the wood. A special wood cleaner is used to clean the boards and then pressure cleaning is done with medium pressure. Too much pressure or inexperience will damage the surface.


Residential Exterior Cleaning Wood Soffit

Mold removal from the wood soffit. For this application, the best course of action is low pressure cleaning. Using high pressure on the wood can cause water damage in the attic. Also, high pressure doesn't clean the mold, it only removes the top layer. A skilled technician will soft wash and low pressure clean this surface.


Soft Wash roof Cleaning Clay Tile

Soft Wash Cleaning of a Clay Tile Roof. Tiles are cleaned effectively without damage. A special mix kills the mold and algae on the roof. Another example where low pressure is used to protect construction materials.


Flat Tile Roof Cleaning

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning: Using pressure on a roof is not recommended. Soft Washing uses a cleaning chemical to remove organics from the roof effectively without damaging materials or eroding the surface. Gloeocapsa magma is the technical term for organics that grow on the roof and prohibit the release of hot air from the dwelling. Gloeocapsa magma is actually a bacteria. So it needs to be killed not just removed with high pressure. Low pressure cleaning is the most effective and recommended method for cleaning a roof.


Boat Docks

Mold and algae can develop around areas which are surrounded by water in Florida. However, pressure cleaning with medium pressure and contractor grade equipment can maintain these areas and prevent a slip and fall.



HOA's can level fines at home owners which require pressure cleaning. The difference is being able to pressure clean without eroding the surface of the driveways and walkways. This is done with contractor grade equipment which uses a high water flow and contractor grade soaps. The pressure is reduced with a calibrated surface cleaner. Blasting the surface with high pressure and DIY machines makes the property look worse over time. Professional equipment and experience makes a big difference. Also, documentation and Insurance information can be provided to the client to satisfy HOA requirements.

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Residential Exterior Cleaning

Low pressure cleaning of a an exterior finish. The pressure washer is used to do a low pressure clean.  Construction materials are not damaged when low pressure is used. 

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